How it Works

I Support Stillwater was created specifically for local needs, so that Stillwater residents would have a place to give and ask for help without getting lost in the crowd of larger crowdfunding websites.

Getting started is simple. Find a need, create an account, set a goal and your campaign will be evaluated within 48 hours. Creating an account is free and sharing is easy. Promote your I Support fundraiser on social media or use our resource center to set up a donation button on your own personal website.

To start your own campaign, click here. You can also explore other campaigns on the website to donate to.

Getting Your Account Verified

Apart from basic campaigns, you can also set up Verified campaigns, which help you stand out more as a certified, credible campaign.

There are two different levels of Verified Campaigns: Silver and Gold

Silver level ($25): Verifies the benefactor’s identity

Gold Level ($75): Verifies the benefactor’s identity and confirms that the funding will be distributed to the designated expense






The verification expense isn’t an upfront expense, but rather is taken out of the campaign funds that have been raised so that you don’t have to come up with anything out of pocket to get started. You are not required to create a verified account when you sign up, and you can always change your mind and become verified later if you decide to.

To create a verified account, click here.