What is I Support Stillwater?

I Support Stillwater is a local fundraising website dedicated to spotlighting local needs, giving organizations and individuals a place to raise money online for their fundraisers. Raise money for medical bills, memorial funds, a neighbor in need, college tuition, a child in need of adoption, a stranger in the community, or even yourself.

How do I start my first campaign?

Getting started is simple. Find a need, create an account, set a goal and your fundraiser will be evaluated within 48 hours. Creating an account is free and sharing is easy. Promote your I Support fundraiser on social media or use our resource center to set up a donation button on your own personal website.

Our goal at I Support Stillwater is simple: to assist fellow Stillwater residents in helping their community by raising as much money as possible for their designated needs. Stillwater has gone through tough times in the past, and the community has shown time and time again that we are strong when we band together. Now, the amazing and caring people of this community have the tools to give back like never before. I Support Stillwater is here to make Stillwater even more unified by helping local needs for local people shine.

How was I Support Stillwater started?

I Support Stillwater was created by team members of Juvo Web, a Stillwater web development company. The team wanted to create a website that would allow local causes to stand out and not be lost in the crowd, as well as provide extra measures to make sure that the money donated would go to a good cause. I Support Stillwater is For Stillwater, By Stillwater. 

How can I contact I Support?

I Support Stillwater is here to help your campaign succeed. If you need any help, our team is here to answer your questions and provide support. Get in touch with us here.