Help and FAQs

Click on the following questions to get answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you don't see a question on this page that you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.

Why should I use I Support Stillwater for my fundraiser?

Our goal at I Support Stillwater is simple: assist fellow Stillwater residents in helping their community by raising as much money as possible for their designated needs. Stillwater has gone through tough times in the past, and the community has shown time and time again that we are strong when we band together. Now, the amazing and caring people of this community have the tools to give back like never before. I Support Stillwater is here to make Stillwater even more unified by helping local needs for local people shine.

I Support Stillwater is a local fundraising website dedicated to spotlighting local needs, giving organizations and individuals a place to raise money online for their fundraisers. Raise money for medical bills, memorial funds, a neighbor in need, college tuition, a child in need of adoption, a stranger in the community, or even yourself.

How long can a campaign be set up for? 

Campaigns can run between 30 to 90 days.  If a longer campaign is desired they can be approved on a case by case basis.

What does it cost to raise money on I Support Stillwater

Setting up your fundraiser on I Support Stillwater is 100% free, so you will never have to worry about the cost of signing up. For every dollar you raise on I Support, 90% goes to the designated cause. This is to cover website costs, such as merchant fees and website hosting. We are always up front about these costs, so that you can adjust your fundraising goals to compensate for these crucial costs that keeps I Support up and running, helping more and more people.

What is the difference between Silver and Gold verified accounts?

Apart from basic campaigns, you can also set up Verified campaigns, which help you stand out more as a certified, credible account. There are two different levels of Verified Campaigns: silver and gold. Silver verifies your benefactor’s identity, while gold verifies identity as well as making sure the campaign funds are disbursed in the way you describe in your campaign. 

Because verifying a campaign requires additional attention and resources, verification status does require a fee. Silver verification is $25.00 and Gold is $75.00. The verification expense isn’t an upfront expense, but rather is taken out of the campaign funds that have been raised so that you don’t have to come up with anything out of pocket to get started. You are not required to create a verified account when you sign up, and you can always change your mind and become verified later if you decide to. 

Why does it take up to 48 hours for my campaign to be approved?

Unlike other fundraising websites, I Suppport strives to only let the most credible campaigns onto their website, so that donors know that their money is in the hands of those who are wanting to do good. We personally make sure that when you create an account, there is a person behind each campaign that has been created. 

How does my cause get the money I raise?

All regular and silver verified campaigns will receive a check at the end of your campaign written to the benefactor of said campaign. All gold verified campaigns will have their checks directly written to their campaign’s cause (e.g. the campus where the student is attending school, the hospital that the individual received care from).

What can I raise money for?

Our goal at I Support Stillwater is to assist others in helping the Stillwater community. If you are part of the Stillwater community and have needs that are based on medical expenses, education costs, volunteer programs, youth programs, memorials, weddings, businesses – even pets and animals, it is eligible.

I Support Stillwater reserves the right to decline membership to organizations and individuals. We do not allow campaigns that break local laws or promote inappropriate content. When in doubt, view other campaigns to see what others are raising money for or contact our team. We are always here to help answer your questions.

Can I raise money anonymously?

I Support Stillwater rewards donors for authenticity and transparency. We strongly suggest that you use a real name, of either yourself or the benefactor, to make your campaign look as credible as possible.

Who will donate to my campaign?

The key to a successful campaign is authenticity and sharing. By creating a credible campaign, with a clear image and description, your fundraiser will appear more credible and attractive to those visiting the website. However, I Support Stillwater fundraisers should not expect to receive support from strangers, though it is still a possibility.

By sharing your campaign on social media with friends and family, your campaign has an even better chance of reaching its goal.

Is my credit card information safe?

All credit card information routes to, meaning that I Support Stillwater does not capture any credit card information on our website or on our servers. Your credit card information is safe and secure and will not be distributed to any other third party.

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 When will I be charged for my donation?

All credit card transactions should be processed within 48 hours, depending on your specific credit card service. For more specifics, or if you do not see a transaction after that time, please contact your bank, or contact us with questions. 

 What if I don't make my goal?

No matter if you miss your goal or surpass it, the money you raise for your campaign is the money you get to keep (minus the 10 percent fee and the fee for verification if opted for).